My New Ep ‘Sea Energise’ Is Available Now!

I am so delighted and excited to finally introduce to you my new Ep Sea Energise a blend of minimalist piano tracks mixed in with magical strings. Special guests who made this possible are the amazing Robin Hoffmann and the superb Dani Howard. The music was composed before and during the lockdown and I wanted to share this with you and hope that it can help people to relax reflect and refocus in these difficult times. Happy Listening and thank you so much to everyone for all your amazing support.

Special thanks to Kate for your incredible support and to the wonderful Zachary Denman and Nick Harding.

Music Inspired by Nature on Instagram

I have now finally joined Instagram and did not realise how much joy I would have being on there however it has been a wonderful experience meeting other artists, musicians, photographers, #nature lovers, animal lovers and world travellers – it is incredible to see how beautiful our planet really is.  If you would like to see what Inspires me to compose #music then do please follow me at juliat1709.

Have a fantastic day!