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Here is a sampler from my most recent album Forever Seasons


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32 thoughts on “Listen

  1. Chris Hills - SEN Therapeutic Practitioner

    The word best used to describe Julia’s music is somnambulant. If you allow yourself to be enveloped by the music, you will enter a place where you find yourself moving through dreamlike scenery – peaceful melodies reaching out to pull you further through the soundscapes she creates. I know the passion Julia has for her music, and it is because of this you can count on each note as being something precious that she has created carefully with love and dedication.

  2. William Camilleri

    I happen to come across Julia’s beatiful moving music. She is certainly a talent that cannot be surpassed.
    Her music is very distant , evocative and leads the listener to still waters, one of the hardest things music should do, Juia does with ease in her amazing style, creating an atmosphere that one would want to listen to forever, yes Julia is that one in a million,

    William Camilleri
    Executive Music Producer & Composer

  3. Antonio Ibáñez- Trainer/Consultant Hotels/Coach/Lawyer/CEO Neoquality

    My dear Julia, your mastery and your sweet sensitivity composing melodies are transferred in every note you write and it sounds in the space of my mind, that dreams to the beat of your chords.
    The soft shudder that you print in your music, cancels the sour echoes of the daily routine, and wraps up with musical colors and colorful music the thoughts and echoes that emerge in our brains while we listen to you. It’s a pleasure to listen to your music.

  4. John Butler

    Wonderful, expressive music – this is beautiful work, Julia, congrats!

    John Butler
    Producer/ Composer

  5. Natasha Chappell

    I have just purchased Sky Drop and very excited that I can play it at home now. It is so magical and takes you to another place where you feel happy and calm. I will be playing it to my son later, who will be inspired by Julia as he loves playing the piano. I am hoping that It will help him relax when he goes to bed as he finds it difficult to get to sleep by himself. Julia has much talent!

  6. Sally Todd- Director Northill Capital

    Julia’s music beautifully captures an aesthetic moment where one can genuinely reflect and transport oneself to an oasis of tranquility, appreciation and gratitude. Her music is at once calming and fortifying, and has occupied a special place in my heart for many years!

  7. Christelle Karam- Account Manager

    Truly serene. Lovely music to the ears. Great tunes to work with, and simply relax. Love this!

  8. Rashmi Sehgal - Urban Swan

    Tranquil, calming music – perfect sound for the spa, helps my clients switch off and relax.
    Beautiful, expressive sounds.
    A must for those wanting to put their universe back in balance!

  9. Monika Jauk

    Such wonderful and calming music! I love the Skydrop album, regularly listening to it in the car, or just at home when I want to relax and wind down from a busy day. Even my children enjoy it. Can’t wait for the next album!

  10. Skrvn

    “Forever Seasons” is exactly the music we need during these tumultuous times. If I’m feeling overwhelmed and stressed I put it on and let the gentle refrains transport me far from my cares. I’ve said elsewhere that it takes a real gift to write music like this–music that speaks to the mind and soothes the soul. Julia Thomsen writes music worthy of sharing, and I’ll be sure to spread the word.

  11. jad mehanna - Composer

    Hi Julia, i have listened to the samples above, beautiful and close to the heart
    it reflects your pesonality

    As a composer too, i can read your emotions while you play and compose
    keep going, music is a path to the ocean…the source…

  12. Zaki Hosni- Project Manager Dar Al-Handasah- Cairo

    The most beautiful thing is the address of the music is express the music itself, congratulations Julia for the soft music you gave me the honour to comment on it, it’s full of passion and emotion . Insha’Allah, one day you’ll be the famous Julia and I keep praying for that day. I wish you all the best. God bless you and your family always.

  13. B McV

    Downloaded Julia’s music on iTunes and it was joy to listen to. I play it through our sonas sysyem and it’s great everyday easy listening music. Well done Julia!

  14. Dionne- Co Founder of the Counsellors Cafe

    Thank you Julia for your beautiful music. My 5 year old son and I love it and playing whilst meditating has proved wonderfully relaxing.

  15. Andrina Alleyne-Pile- Filmmaker

    In waking up this morning I felt a bit down and out…No money and things to get done. As I am not one to fret but one who tries to find the positives in life to keep me grounded and going, I started to reflect on all the good things I had going for me. I then realised that I had a new follower on twitter and went to check them out…It was Julia and her surreal music. I listened and her music made me feel like myself again. It was like having a fresh start, turning a new leaf on life’s pages. I thank you Julia for being who you are and I pray that you continue to be the best you that you can be. May you heart’s desires come true!

  16. Jim Rajan- Jim Rajan Music

    Absolutely beautiful Julia! I deeply enjoy and appreciate your work. Thank you, Jim.

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