Julia Thomsen And T_Mo Release Mesmerizing New EP,’ Senses’

Julia Thomsen is spreading her artistic wings with the release of her new EP, ‘Senses’, which showcases her versatility as a composer working in the 21st century. The new collection is now available to stream, and it is a relaxing vacation from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day living!

This chilled-out anthology, which features remixes by much-admired producer T_Mo, provides a novel and refreshing method for unwinding and relaxing. It exudes ardour and breathes new life into three highly regarded original compositions by Julia, which keep their dynamism intact while presenting a one-of-a-kind air of serenity with an updated dash of elegance.

‘Sea Energise’, ‘Touch’ and ‘Evoke’ all blend with T-Mo’s prowess here, and the various sounds that emerge contribute to an extraordinary therapeutic experience! Therefore, kick up your feet, take a step back, and let the peace and tranquillity of ‘Senses’ surround you!

‘Senses’ is available to stream now on all the major streaming platforms.