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Music was my true passion – I used to love coming home from work and escaping to my bedroom to compose while my flatmates would be cooking or having a bath and relaxing to the music.

Forever Seasons (September 2015) Click image for full track list.

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Forever Seasons is a compilation which includes music from my earlier album Hidden Identities and the film Looking Out For George.  Family, emotional events and nature inspired me – the deep clarity of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea with flickers of light and dark shadows on the islands and leaves.


Sky Drop (October 2014) Click image for full track list.

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Again my family, nature and beautiful landscapes inspired me to compose this CD but look out for ‘Magnificent Champion’ which was inspired by Andy Murray winning Wimbledon – so thanks to him he inspired me to compose the music!


Winter Dreamland (2012) Click image for full track list.


Winter Dreamland CD is available for purchase personally from me. Please email me should you wish to purchase a copy.

7 thoughts on “My Albums

  1. Alan Fitzroy Phillips - Professional Stylist

    I absolutely love Forever Seasons. I love the peaceful nature of the music.
    I often play it at work,and it has been commented on numerous times by my clients.
    Julia has a great talent to take your mind off the everyday stresses and strains and take your mind to a magical relaxing place with her beautiful music.

  2. Chanelle Kesta - Spa Manager Chelsea Harbour Club

    We play the ‘Forever Seasons’ CD during treatments and in reception in a 5 star Spa in London.
    The music is tranquil yet uplifting and our customers and team love it.
    Its the perfect soundtrack to helping you leave the stress and strains of London life behind you as you settle in and relax for a spa treatment.

    Thank You Julia, we look forward to seeing what you have in store next.

  3. Johannes Hirschmann- Pianist/Composer

    With her album “Forever Seasons” Julia has demonstrated great musical talent: her pieces are composed of beautiful motives, melodies, and interesting developments. Julia not only masters the piano but also arranges strings and other instruments nicely – I enjoyed listening to the album a lot!

  4. Freddy Stratton- Children With Cancer Charity

    Hi Julia I am so pleased to know you and listen to your music.
    It is a great honour for me to have your song “Look Back In Time” on my charity website.
    We strive together to one day end the suffering of Children with Cancer.
    Thank you so much for being a donator and friend.
    Kind Regards

  5. Marie Hudson

    Forever Seasons is a beautiful CD. It is a collection of peaceful, gentle compositions that are simultaneously atmospheric and emotional. I have been listening to it in the car, which I find helps me to drive more mindfully. I am a yoga teacher and practitioner, as well as a yoga therapist, and I find that certain types of music bring you into a more conscious space. These pieces have a quality all of their own, and don’t sound like anything else currently on the market. I enjoy them tremendously, and I think Julia is a very talented composer.

  6. Alessandra Pasian

    What a beautiful, inspirational and emotional album! When I listen to Forever Seasons I feel uplifted and calm. I also bought the album for my Dad and he loves it tremendously, he thinks Julia’s music is better than Enya’s, his favourite singer!
    Well done Julia!

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