The Power of Music

How the power of music affects people.
Sitting in the car with my beautiful 8 year old son listening to “Country Walking” from my new album “Forever Seasons” – he is humming along to the melody and asks me to turn it up slightly – I think he must like it and is relaxed before his long school day!

Sitting in a traffic jam- some children and adults do not like waiting and start to feel irritated and slightly anxious first thing in the morning trying to reach their destination on time.  Yes there is Kiss Fm or whatever radio station you like listening to but why not put on something that you would never think of that could relax and slow down your breathing. Check out Forever Seasons or Sky Drop – it may do the trick and especially for those usual impatient suspects who may even manage to smile….

Ps that includes all methods of travel📀✈️🚅🚘

Click here for Forever Seasons on iTunes